Essential Turkey Hunting Gear for the Next Hunt

The turkey hunting season is upon us! We’re getting ready for the hunt, are you? We’ll see you at our ranch for the best turkey hunting in Texas. If not, it’s time to get your hunting gear in order and your camouflaged attire picked out; there are gobblers waiting to be tagged!

Turkey Hunting Gear

In order to be successful on your Texas turkey hunt, you have to come equipped with the essentials!

Turkey Decoys & Calls

There are several tools you can use while turkey hunting to get the bird to come to you. One of these expert tools is your handy mouth call (or two). Using your turkey calls will bring you that much closer to your target, or should we say, it will bring your target that much closer to you. Another essential tool is your turkey decoy. These make it easy to grab a tom’s attention, distracting him as you take your aim.

Turkey hunter loading shotgunYour Shotgun

We hope you wouldn’t forget your hunting instrument when going on a turkey hunt in Texas!

At Schmidt Double T Ranches, we suggest using an over-and-under barrel or side-by-side barrel shotgun.

A Hunting Knife

You never leave home without your trusted pocketknife, so what makes the hunt any different? Be sure that you pack your knife for your upcoming turkey hunt in Texas. We’re sure it will come in handy!

What to Wear on a Turkey Hunt

Wild turkeys are elusive birds with amazing senses. These qualities make them a tricky game to hunt and a hunter’s favorite challenge. But you won’t find success without the proper apparel.


That’s why it’s essential you blend in, a.k.a. camouflage. Turkeys have outstanding eyesight, and when they see a hunter, they run. Try and find gear that will match you to your surroundings, but typical military issued gear will work, too.

Comfortable & Breathable

The last thing you want on your Texas turkey hunt is to be distracted by your hunting suit. Unbearably hot or regrettably uncomfortable, heavy and constricting fabric can weigh you down and slow down your hunt.

  • Be sure to invest in flexible, breathable attire because your clothing can be the difference between scoring your big-ticket bird or going home empty-handed.

First, cover all your bases, starting with the face!

Head Coverage

It’s been said that a wild turkey can see a hunter blink, so consider getting a camouflage mask to disguise any movements in your face. The key to a quality mask is being able to breathe, of course! Be sure to snag one that is flexible in fit and designed to wick away sweat.

Hand Coverage

Bare hands are a hunter’s biggest downfall. And we know that some hunters may be opposed to having any extra bulk on their trigger finger, gloves are essential! Hide your movements more successfully with an insulated pair during the early turkey hunting season, and a thinner, more functional pair towards the end of the season.

Body Coverage

When it comes to picking out turkey hunting apparel, specifically shirts, jackets, and pants, you need to account for the weather. Since a true Texas turkey hunt is an all-day adventure, we recommend layering up!

Turkey hunter out in Texas

This will help you stay warm in the early hours of the morning and keep cool as the hunt continues.

All clothing should be lightweight and preferably waterproof; who wants a little drizzle ruining their turkey hunt?

  • On our Texas turkey hunts, we require every hunter to wear an orange cap or vest for good safety measures.

Hunting Boots

Since they’ll be taking on various terrains and unpredictable elements, your feet will need some serious protection. Find boots that have the support that you need and are comfortable to wear on an all-day hunt. Spring turkey hunting could bring early morning dew and light showers, so keep insulation in mind when choosing the boots that are right for you.

When you’re ready to get a taste of true Texas turkey hunting, book your hunt with Schmidt Double T Ranches. The Rio Grande gobblers are waiting, so give us a call at 325-347-2613 today to learn more about our Texas turkey hunts!