When does the rut usually begin?

The rut usually begins around Thanksgiving.

What is your success rate on trophy hunts?

The success rate on trophy hunts is pretty good. You’ll see an average of 20 bucks per day on your hunt, which will give you 100% opportunity to have a successful hunt at Schmidt Double T Ranches.

Do you require a deposit for the hunting package?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit upon booking with us. Then, final payment is to be paid 30 days prior to the hunting stay.

Can we rent guns at Schmidt Double T?

Yes, rental guns are available by reservation for 50$ per half day.

What if I have to cancel my hunting trip?

Yes, we do accept cancellations, but we require you to find a replacement since our hunts are non-refundable and don’t carry over to the following year.

Do I need a hunting safety permit?

Yes, we require a hunting safety permit from everyone born after September 1, 1971, and Texas residents require a valid Texas Hunting License. Out of state hunters are required to to have a special banded bird license.

What should I wear to the hunting trip?

Hunters are required to wear an orange cap or vest. We also recommend gun safety approved shooting glasses. Wear layered clothing underneath and comfortable walking boots or shoes.

What should I bring that you don’t provide?

Bring an ice chest, orange vest/cap, and your hunting license.