You can’t go Quail hunting without a dog

You might as well not even bother to bring your shotgun or rifle if you try and go Mason, TX quail hunting without a dog. The quail like to congregate in think brush and are often times camouflaged into the scenery so it’s often times extremely difficult to find them.

This is where the dogs come in.

We have both English Pointers and English Cockers to help extract the quails from their hiding spot and into the air where it’s up to your to take down the game. Both dogs do different tasks

The Pointers help locate the bird so we can move in and get ready to shoot. They do exactly what they’re called to do: point – they point with their nose where the pray is. These kinds of dogs have been bred like this since the 1650s.

The Cockers are the flushing dogs, where they flush the quails from their hiding spot, sometimes with help from their Pointer brothers who help point them out. Then, the Quails fly in the air to another hiding spot if the hunters can’t take down a flying quail.

Watching the dogs in action is a lot of fun. They are well-trained, happy and lovable dogs who love working and love quail. And you’ll love them too when you come on guided Quail hunts with us in Texas!