Whitetail Trophy Hunt Package #1

This is our big Whitetail Deer Hunting package at Schmidt Double T Ranches. This 3-day and 4-night hunting package is just what you need to find a prize like one of our trophy Whitetail Deer. With 3,000 acres of huntable land surrounded by high fences, you’ll have the best opportunity to bring home a trophy buck.


$6500 per hunter (non-refundable)


$3250 per hunter
Final payment is due September 1st.


$250 per day

There is a 2-person minimum per hunt that we require.

What’s Included in the Whitetail Trophy Hunt Package #1

This whitetail deer hunt package is a full weekend of hunting for Whitetail Deer on our land. You’ll be provided lodging at one of our two lodges, as well as one on one guide service and homecooked meals for you to enjoy.

  • Professional Whitetail Hunting Guide
  • Homecooked Meals and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • 4-Night Lodging
  • 3-Day Hunt Opportunity

Trophy Info and Extra Fees:

There will be a trophy fee of $2,000 if the deer scores 170-199 gross B&C. Bucks Scoring over 200 gross B&C will have a Trophy fee that will be priced in the stand or before the hunt. Trophy fees will be collected at end of the hunt. This is a hunt for a mature buck. This is not a guaranteed hunt.

Cleaning and Guide fees:

$75.00 per deer to be quartered in your cooler

Tips for Guides -15-35% of hunt is standard

Cook tips- $50.00– $100.00 per person per day.

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