What to Know About the White-tailed Deer Rut in Texas

Many hunters have heard about the rut of white tailed deer and why it’s a popular time to go out hunting in Texas. However, not everyone knows how to use it to their advantage! “The rut” is the time of year that deer choose to breed and many hunters choose to schedule their hunting vacations around this time.

Hunter with a White Tailed Deer BuckMany people like to hunt the rut because it increases their odds that they’ll come across a generous amount of white-tailed deer.

The bucks themselves are out looking for mates, which is actually known to be one of their most vulnerable states since they lose much of their cautious nature when female deer are close by. Their lack of attention means they are easier to spot and hunt. Rutting time varies across the region, which proves most beneficial for hunters trying to find bucks throughout the season.

Many times, people talk about an early or late rut but in Texas, white-tailed deer breeding season is easy to predict.

The conditions of the habitat have the most effect on the breeding season – poor conditions can lead to malnutrition or injury and can affect the timing of breeding. If a doe is hurt or hungry, it will delay breeding until later in the season. However, if a doe is only able to breed for 24 hours and doesn’t do so, she will be able to do so again when she is in heat 28 days later.

Hunting the rut can actually help to keep bucks constantly on the move, increasing a hunter’s chance of seeing one. Despite the intrusion of hunters during the white-tailed deer mating season, the rut doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on the population of deer.

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