Tips for Hunting Turkey in Texas

There are few things more enjoyable than going on a hunting trip, especially when you’re aiming to bring home turkeys. Hunting for turkey can be an incredibly fun, yet sometimes frustrating experience. A few easy mistakes can prevent you from even getting close to a turkey, but with the right preparation you should have no trouble getting several birds.

Two hunters with tagged turkeys

Turkey Calls

Many people become accustomed to using one type of call that has worked for them on several occasions, but using a variety of different calls is a much better idea. First of all, if you use different calls you will sound like several birds, increasing your chances of attracting nearby turkeys. If possible, you should also use a diaphragm call in order to be as ready as possible to take a shot.

Patience in Turkey Hunting

Another mistake hunters tend to make is rushing to get their first turkey, ignoring signs having led them to several birds. If you only have a couple of hours to hunt, you may want to plan for another day. Successfully hunting turkey can take all day, especially considering that your targets have nowhere to be. If you make too much noise nearby turkeys could scatter and wait all day until you’re gone. It may be tempting to find a turkey as fast as possible, but going slow and steady will yield better results.

Finally, try to plan your hunting trip on days with nice weather. Not only is hunting in the rain a less enjoyable experience for yourself, when it comes to turkey hunting, it will generally be more difficult to find and hit your targets. Turkeys tend to wander around in open areas more when its bright and sunny outside, making them much easier to find on days with nice, clear weather.

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