The Right Tree Stand a Very Subjective Topic

Every hunter has their own opinion on everything from the best time of day to weapon of choice, to camouflage to covering body odor. One topic up for fierce debate in itself however, is the best tree stand for time of year, hunt and portability.
There are quite a few tree stand designs designed for different purposes. And with as many opinions on how to best perch and wait in them, tree stands have always been a point of contention among the most seasoned hunters.
Ladder Stand
A stand with a seat at the top of a ladder, the ladder stand connects to the tree. These tend to be a bit on the larger side but not as large as the box stand, due to the open design. With little protection from the elements, ladder stands remain stationary because of the size. On the same token, because of the stationary design, they offer more stability than smaller, portable options.
Box Stand
Enclosed to protect you from the elements, box stands are typically the largest design concept. Based on a basic, enclosed box house design- hence the name- they are great for staying warm with a portable space heater and space to move around. These are also most useful for seeing over long distance.
Climbing Stand
The most portable of tree stand options, climbing tree stands have a couple of different styles to connect to the tree. The part that wraps around the tree can be made from a thick cable or boomerang shaped piece of metal. The part that wraps around the tree is fastened to the stand with a bolt or pin for easy adjustment for different tree sizes.
Favored for differing reasons, different designs offer different benefits. Some are more hunter-centric, while some designs are focused on portability. What it all comes down to is the hunter, how light and fast they want to travel, and what their needs are.