Texas Trip Worth the Trek

Why make the trip all the way to Texas to hunt? The better question is – Why Not? Texas has so much to offer new and veteran hunters. This state has the largest population of whitetail deer in the nation. This makes hunting easier and way more rewarding than hunting in any other state. Not into whitetail deer? Texas also offers the ability to hunt sheep, antelope and hogs along with over 40 different exotic species.

This sprawling state also offers a landscape for every type of hunter. Thick wooded areas full of pine trees fill East Texas. In the north parts of the state, there are flatlands, down further south is brush and hunters that travel west will find a desert like terrain that is hot but full of animal species. Throughout all these areas, there is over one million acres of available public hunting land.

On the private side, there are hundreds of ranches that have lodging, dining and hunting accommodations. Stay in a lodge and eat the local cuisine for a great experience other than the hunting you do all day. With southern and Mexican influences, Texas food is a crowd-pleaser. And let’s be honest, staying in a freshly made hotel bed, beats camping any day.

Don’t have time to come down to Texas until the spring, or summer, or fall? Not a problem. The climate of the state and the extensive amount of animals that live and feed here allow hunters to hunt all year round. Even when the birds have flown farther south for the winter, you can still visit and spend your days hunting rabbits, squirrels and hogs – just to name a few.

Have we given you enough reasons to come down for a visit yet? If you’re planning your hunting for the year, consider making Texas a destination. The options and opportunities are endless in this huge state that has something to give to any type of hunter. It’s the best place for a group of hunters looking for something new, something exciting and a hunting adventure like nothing they’re ever experienced before.