Tents Are Out. Lodges Are In.

When you think hunting, you probably think camping in the great outdoors. But lodges are the way to go if you want to enjoy all the comforts of home and don’t want to have to lug as much gear.

Lodges require hunters to bring less luggage with them. Staying in a furnished room eliminates the need for you and your fellow hunters to bring along your tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, towels and even toiletries. This means you can also spend less time unpacking and setting up camp and more time doing what you’ve came to do – hunt.

Ditching the tent and opting for a lodge also takes away the stress of having to cook each night after a long day out in the field. Most lodges offer packages that include dinner so you can enjoy the night instead of spending hours trying to cool a full meal over a campfire. Instead, spend the night playing cards, drinking beer by the fireplace or talking about the best kill of the day.

Staying at a lodge still provides you and your cohorts the option to hunt when you want and retreat when you’re ready, but with less work along the way. It’s also a lot more fun to stay in a lodge than a tent during a rainstorm. Think about it, you never have to spend another night in-between hunts hoping you stay warm and that your tent keeps the rain and bugs out. Lodges located throughout Texas accommodate all sized groups of hunters looking for the ultimate experience, without the stresses of tent camping.