Proper Field Dressing Tips

Field Dressing You’ve been waiting 9 months, cleaning your 12 gauge and getting ready to suit up in your camo. But it’s finally that time of year again; hunting season. There’s no greater feeling than when you’re in the brush or your tree stand on a crisp October morning at the dawn of a new season. As a hunter, however, you still have to remain considerate of hikers, dog walkers and your fellow sportsmen.
It’s exciting bagging your first buck of the year. Seeing him drop from 70 yards away, you hop off your tree stand and field dress him, tag him and start dragging. You pass a few fellow hunters and the way out and they congratulate you on a fine kill. You get him up on your truck bed and start heading home to hang your 10 pointer. Did you forget something?
If you forget to bury your entrails you are not being a very considerate hunter. Always reminding yourself the importance of burying the entrails of your kill is out of common courtesy. Not only can non-hunters step in a pile of deer intestines on a peaceful hike through the woods, you could forget about them and come back to the same exact spot next week.
Simply leaving deer guts in the middle of a field or under a tree is not only incredibly lazy, it gives hunters a bad name. There are enough liberal anti-gun advocates lobbying against our sport as it is; we don’t need anymore. Always remembering a shovel on your hunt and burying entrails at least 2 feet will keep people and animals from detecting any trace of refuse in the area.
If you have ever come across a pile of entrails in the woods, you would know how offensive it can be. The odor of rotting innards and the assault on your senses, seeing decaying body parts swarming with flies is never a nice surprise. To keep all whom frequent the woodlands happy, you should just make burying part of field dressing.