Preparing for 2013 -2014 Deer Hunting Season [Part 2 of 2]


This is the second installment of a 2 post blog article on the 2013-2014 deer hunting season in Texas.  In our previous post, we mentioned how great this year is going to be. If you didn’t catch it, click here. It is time to for avid hunters to prepare for deer season if they want to be ready to catch that prize buck; and it’s never too early to begin preparing. Most deer hunters dream of deer season, the thrill of the catch, and the satisfaction of bringing home the perfect trophy deer; but there are very important steps that need to be taken before you are ready for an adventurous and successful season.


  • Clearing your schedule for the upcoming deer-hunting season is crucial for a great season. As a hunter, you need to be sure that the timing does not conflict with work, important events, or family special occasions. Hunters should also make sure that their hunting gear is in good condition. Being unprepared on opening day, can be hectic and cause you to have a less than successful season.


  • Inspecting your hunting gear, guns, and bows and arrows, is a major safety factor. Many things can happen to equipment as it sits between hunting seasons. Properly cleaning your equipment, and making any needed repairs, keeps you safe, and all the other hunters around you.


  • Preparing your mind and body for the physical aspects of hunting season, is also a great idea. Hunting is a sport and requires avid hunters to be in the best physical condition possible. A yearly doctor’s visit around this time of year is also a good idea, to make sure that your health is in a condition that allows for strenuous activity.


  • Licenses and permits should be up-to-date for the present hunting season. Start this process early by checking all of your documents way ahead of time so that you’re not caught off-guard once the season opens. If you hunt the same place each year, prepare to reserve your spot, check current pricing for lodging, and inquire about any changes in that location since last year that you may need to know about.


Hunters should be equipped with everything they need to get through the season with ease. Make a list of all necessary and precautionary items you will need to make this a fun and rewarding deer-hunting season.