Prepare Early and Get the Most out of Your Hunt

Serious hunters understand that hunting season begins long before opening day. The excitement and buzz about the upcoming season get hunters going on some early preparations.

The most experienced hunters begin to prepare and plan early. Subsequently, the most prepared hunters are the ones with the most success.

Below, you’ll find a few tips for getting the most out of your hunting trip this season. Follow a few of our suggestions below while prepping for your hunt ahead of time.

  • Prepare Your Body:
    You’ll need stamina for walking up and down hills and trails, especially if your game makes an escape and you have to chase it. Gain endurance by going for walks and runs a few weeks before opening day, and don’t forget your hunting dog; he’ll need exercise too!
  • Take a hunter education course:
    Those born after 1972 must take a hunter’s education course, but even if you don’t have to… you probably should. You can benefit a lot by learning about safety and prey.
  • Buy Licenses and Tags:
    Some locations require licensing and tags for each kill you claim. Do your research and file all of the necessary paperwork ahead of time, to avoid anything from delaying your first hunt.
  • Prepare your hunting location:
    If you’re hunting with a preserve or ranch, understand the land on which you’ll hunt. Spend some time reviewing a map of the trail you plan to take, in case you get lost or separated from a group. If you have your own land and hunting lodge, get out there early to clean up and organize for the coming events.
  • Plan What You’ll Do With Your Game:
    Maybe you plan to donate your kill, or maybe you want to take it to a butcher to keep some of the meat for your family. Whichever you choose, plan ahead of time, because preparing fresh, delicious meat is a time sensitive matter.