Packing for Quail Hunting Excursions

q2When hunting quail in Texas, you have the same challenge as with most other hunts. You want to camouflage yourself from the quail, yet display yourself for other hunters. It’s a fine line to walk. You can get away with a small amount of orange, since animals perceive color differently; the orange isn’t as bright to them. Usually for quail, you want an orange vest. Do yourself a favor though, make sure you get a nice big vest with large pockets and a game pouch.

For pants, you can go with camo if you prefer- but jeans work just fine. Since we ambush quail, there isn’t a lot of sneaking around behind the quails back.

You also want to pack a bag with extra gear and clothing- especially if you’re in a cold or rainy area. Also, keep in mind, that in any hunting situation- it’s always a great idea to keep a survival kit around. Even with a hunting guide, you never know what could happen in the woods, separating you from your group and your way.

Create a quick survival kit for emergencies.

  • Gather a few cans of dried food, trail mix, and other foods that stay fresh.
  • Ensure that you have enough bottled water for a few days, you won’t be missing that long unless you’re Amelia Earhart or Bear Grylls, but it’s better to be safe.
  • Bring a first aid kit for most minor scrapes and bruises — an infection will ruin any hunting experience.
  • Make sure you pack a lighter and a pack of matches. Sure, you can make fires in a pinch when you don’t have flame, but go ahead and save yourself some time.
  • Do yourself a favor and make sure you get a pack of 100 matches, we’ve all seen those movies where a gust of wind blows the last match out.