How Masking Your Odor Will Help Your Hunting Game

Hunting DeerDeer have an incredible sense of smell. As a hunter, your odor is overwhelming, and they do not like it. Deer can detect the average human odor from as far away as 80 yards, and that’s if they aren’t downwind. So, masking your human odor is imperative to a successful hunt. There are a few fundamental bullets to remember before trekking out in the brush reeking of human.

Here are Some Tips on Masking Your Odor

  • Shower as late as possible prior to your hunting trip
  • Shower using scent-free soap and apply scent-free deodorant
  • Keep your outerwear sealed in an airtight container with soil and dead foliage until you’re ready to go out hunting.
  • Keep sweat down as much as possible and avoid being overly active, as this is your primary source of odor production.
  • Hike slowly, and take your time getting to your tree stand in order to prevent sweat from building up.
  • Spray your odor eliminator AFTER you reach your vantage point.
  • Staying downwind as much as possible from your prey is highly effective for remaining incognito.

These tips should keep your scent to a minimum and deer none the wiser to your presence. Remember deer have a remarkable sense of smell. Doing all you can to prevent them from detecting your presence in the woods, avoiding heavy colognes and scented products is your best bet.

As a hunter, it’s important to improve your hunting skills and tactics for the next season of hunting. We encourage every hunter to make their technique and strategy better for their own sake. You’d be surprised on how much better of a hunter you can become with some minor improvements.

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