How to Hunt and Deal with Anti-Hunter Protesters

huntingWe are in the midst of hunting season, the best time of the year for most of us. Being a sportsman you are bound to deal with the Anti-Hunting Community from time to time. This usually is not a pleasant experience but you must be the bigger person and not escalate the situation out of control. 


You do have rights in all 50 states to hunt without being harassed. Remember to follow these USSA guidelines if you are approached in the field while on a hunt.


  • Report the incident to authorities as soon as possible
  • Have an accurate description of the protesters, as well as a license plate number and vehicle information, if possible.
  • Be prepared to file harassment charges against the perpetrators

Often time’s people in the Anti-Hunting community are not educated on the many aspects of hunting. Remain courteous if they are willing to listen as you provide insight into this great outdoor activity. Also, with as much talking that you may do in explaining your reasoning, do just as much listening. Try to find out exactly why the person you are engaging with is against hunting.


Always remember that even after you explain your role in hunting, you probably will not convince the protester to change their thoughts or opinions about you. But at least they are leaving with a better understanding about what you are engaging in. Agreeing to disagree on the subject is the most common result.