How to Get a Texas Hunting License

Recreational hunting and fishing licenses and stamp endorsements are available at approximately 1,700 locations throughout Texas. They are also available in sporting goods stores, gun shops and department stores within the state. However, some commercial hunting and fishing licenses are available only at the Austin Headquarters and Law Enforcement Offices.

For deer and turkey, because tagging is required, immediate issue is not allowed. General hunting applications, whereby game tagging is not legally required, you receive your license to hunt the same day.

Residents may also buy hunting and fishing licenses valid for the lifetime of the license holder. This exempts the holder from all state stamp endorsement requirements other than the Reptile and Amphibian Stamp Endorsement. The lifetime license does not exempt the holder from the Federal Duck Stamp requirement.

Moreover, when you buy a Texas hunting license, 100% of your paid fees go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for on-the-ground conservation efforts. These include everything form fish stocking, wildlife management, habitat restoration, land conservation, and paying Texas Game Wardens.

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