Experience the Beauty of Texas Hill Country

Whatever piques your interest, be it hiking, fishing, boating or hunting, Texas Hills Country is the place to experience the great outdoors. When you visit Hill Country you will enjoy the great outdoors for all it has to offer, the way it was intended.
Because of the mostly spring-fed waters from Balcones Fault, the Medina River provides some of the cleanest, clearest water in all of Texas. A great waterway for kayaking, troweling and, of course, fishing, the Medina River is the crown jewel of Texas Hill Country. Full of many kinds of fish, the crystal clear waters of the river are host to bass, crappie and catfish. So when coming to visit this neck of the woods, don’t forget your fishing pole.
Got wanderlust to explore the great unknown? Colorado Bend State Park is one of the most spectacular in the country. Full of natural wonder, including everything from sinkholes to caves and natural springs, the Park is a must see if you’re ever in the region. A desolate quick and easy hike of less than two miles from parking is Gorman Waterfall. A cataract in the famous Colorado River, Gorman Falls is great for a quick getaway to enjoy something different in an already unique landscape.
Watch the Sunset
After a day packed of hiking and fishing, what better way than to finish perched atop Enchanted Rock, a gigantic granite pluton rock formation in the heart of Texas Hills Country? Because of the easy, quick hike to the top and the unobstructed view to the west, Enchanted Rock is a great place to end one of many days to enjoy the heart of Texas.