Donating Your Game to Hunters for the Hungry in Texas

donating venisonAdd a “feel-good” vibe to your hunting experience by planning to donate your extra kills. With so many Texas families in need, your love for hunting can make a huge difference in the lives of many hungry Texans. Venison provides a delicious, protein rich meal that many struggling families don’t often receive. For your generous gift, you can even apply for a nice tax deduction.

One of the greatest joys of hunting is the ability to provide food for friends and family. But, what happens when you end up with more than a few deer. Many hunters also provide for additional families, by donating their extra kills to programs for those in need. As unemployment climbs, so does the number of families who struggle.

What you can do is obtain a list of which local processors participate in Hunters for the Hungry. The Texas Association of Community Action Agencies runs Hunters for the Hungry, which helps families with hungry relief and a valuable source of protein.

Once you find one that’s close to you and can accommodate all the game you have. If you have many deer to process, you want to find a meat processor that has the time to care for and donate each deer.

Since you’re donating the kill, the processing fee is much lower than usual. Moreover, keep your receipt because the donation can help you receive a nice tax deduction.

It Really Does Make a Difference…

“During the 2012-2013 hunting season, nearly one hundred meat processors donated over 140,000 pounds of meat to food assistance providers. Since the program’s inception over 20 years ago, it has provided over two million pounds of meat – or an estimated 9.3 million servings – to hungry Texans.”
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