Common Mistakes Hunters Make During the Rut

The rut is one of the most exciting times for hunters looking to score that big buck. However, it appears the excitement gets to some and they end up making a few obvious errors. Luckily, a hunter can learn from these mistakes and use their experiences to find success in their future hunts.

Forgetting to account for scent control

Many hunters get caught up in the rut thinking that the bucks are caught up with the does. Though a buck’s main goal during the rut is to find a mate, it doesn’t mean his senses aren’t hard at work. Don’t throw caution to the wind when it comes to scent because the wind has the potential to carry your scent in the direction that the buck is in and consequently give your position away. Remember scent control and keep in mind the direction the wind is blowing.

Focusing on a doe group that’s not coming into estrus

Hunter Looking for Deer in TexasThough the rut may be upon us, different doe groups are cycling at different times. You can be sitting there all day keeping watch over a group of does and fail to come across one buck; this is because they are not in estrus and the bucks are only attracted to the does that are able and ready to breed.

Being late to the hunt

Timing is everything! When planning for your hunt, the worst thing you can do is show up too late. If you’re trying to set up your position after daylight has broken, you may drive the does in the area away, with the bucks trailing after them. Try to arrive at least two hours before daylight in order to get settled in and wait for that day’s chase to commence.

Skipping the peak of the breeding

Several hunters find the peak unbearably slow and choose to skip it all together. However, that is a blunder you don’t want to make. Though it may be quiet on the front, many bucks stick tightly to their does and remain immobile. There’s also the chance of catching buck in-between two groups of does after he has finished with his first.

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