Bird-Hunting Season in Texas off to Slow Start

If you asked any Texas hunter what they are thankful for, chances are they will not say the warm weather. This might seem strange, but the warm weather has negatively influenced the bird-hunting season in Texas. The bird-hunting season is about three weeks in and hunters across the state are not seeing many birds. According to Everything Lubbock, such conditions are forcing hunters to readjust and plan for a later season of hunting.

Hunter Randy Triplett says, “You know it’s just full of unknowns. The weather starts controlling it. If we have a lot of cold weather, the birds will have to stay hungry. So, there are a lot of intangibles that we don’t know about that are going to happen – that are going to make or break the season better or worse.”

Although at first glance Triplett seems a bit grim regarding the bird-hunting season, but he is just being honest. Conditions out of our control can make the season better or worse; it is just the name of the game. Conditions are not ideal now, especially when it concerns the weather and the migratory patterns of birds, but that does not mean it will sink the hunting season. It just means that some of us have to play the waiting game.

Remember that bird hunting is a large chunk of the Texas economy and that is something we are thankful for at Schmidt Double T Ranches; it is also something we can wait on. Happy Thanksgiving from all of in the very center of Texas.