Overzealous Hunters Benefit No One

hunting shotgun With every hunting season, there comes an element of enthusiasm that is really unparalleled in any other outdoors activities, definitely true in Texas. The hunting here is the best of the nation, with every hunting season a fruitful offering.


Unfortunately some hunters are easily overwhelmed, biting off a little more than they could chew. According to Chron columnist, Dylan Baddour, “At the Goodfellow Air Force Base, Military Police spotted six men with guns just outside ther perimeter fence, and they dispatched security forces to meet the men, according to a GAFB news release. The MP swarm came as a shock for the hunters, who had used Wildlife Systems Inc. to book an opening day excursion on the land adjacent to the base.”


Unsurprisingly the hunters were taken by surprise, especially when they were ordered at gunpoint to lay face down! After a heated and nerve-wracking time, local police arrived on the scene to deflate the situation. What could’ve been a serious situation was eventually pacified and all walked away from the situation unharmed.


It’s easy to get a little carried away during the first days of the hunting season, but know you better be aware of your surroundings. Remember, enthusiasm can make us blind, like we’re wandering in the dark – and that is not healthy for yourself, other hunts, and the wildlife. A successful hunt involves being clear headed and clear eyed, ready to tackle the adventure with all the energy you can muster – just don’t let it get out of hand. Or things can go awry.