Tips on Whitetail Deer Hunting

Getting into deer hunting or trying to hone your skills takes some dedication. Hunting classes are great for introduction, but they can’t teach you a fraction of what you learn in the field with your finger on the trigger and the animal in your site.
Mask Your Odor
A number one deterrent to approaching deer is the odor of human. The smell of man is vile to them and sends them on their four heels in the opposite direction. So masking your scent with odor-free soap and integrating your clothes as much as possible with foliage and soil in a sealed plastic bag are important steps. Remember visual camouflage is just as crucial as olfactory camouflage.
Know how to Bait
Stop trying to kill yourself with primal tracking. Letting the right bait at the right time of year work for you brings big bucks right to your stand. But estrous-soaked rags early in the season confuse bucks just as buck scent is uninteresting to them in late November. Knowing the habits and what drives your prey at given times of the year will make your hunt much less painstaking.
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare…
Scouting your hunting grounds in late summer and early fall before the shotguns start booming will give you a better lay of the land. This will let you decide the best locations to post up in relation to deer runs and creeks. Also it never hurts to practice tree stand installation and removal to familiarize yourself with the equipment. This will also improve your agility, as most tree stand falls happen climbing in and out of it.